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More and more employers are concerned with keeping their workforce healthy by providing general healthy worker assessments and health promotion information.

Promoting an environment that improves the health and wellbeing of employees is good management and leads to healthy and productive workspaces. Many employers consider such services good business sense, protecting employees, their most valuable asset.

Organisations will have a de-identified overview of the well-being of their workforce as a whole. Information gathered could form the basis for your workplace wellness program, by determining key health risk areas. Lifestyle disease risk factors including diabetes, obesity, heart disease and inactivity are measured and addressed in a targeted approach. Health checks for staff involve robust, medically-led assessments of one’s holistic health and wellbeing. Life-threatening skin cancers are can be detected and further diagnosis through referral to a skin specialist.

Individual employees will receive a confidential report and can target health improvement goals. Our health professionals will educate your employees about ongoing healthcare to protect themselves against injuries, common illnesses and diseases.

Health assessments can reduce absenteeism by possibly preventing future health and safety risks, as well as the potential of escalating insurance premiums. By investing in the health of your employees, your staff may feel more valued and safe within their workplace which may in turn increase team productivity and retention.
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Assessments can involve onsite testing of lifestyle health risks, cardio-respiratory health, mental health, skin cancer assessments, exercise tolerance, nutritional status, lifestyle factors and a range of important key health metrics.

Following each 15 minute assessment, a follow-up consultation from your chosen health practitioner may be advised.

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