Occupational lung diseases are conditions that affect the respiratory system resulting from occupational exposure to risk factors such as irritant dust, gases and vapours. Exposure can be harmful to employees and cause serious illnesses.

Employers have a duty to minimise airborne contaminants and reduce the risk of exposure to workers by implementing a robust respiratory surveillance program and performing regular employee lung function tests.

Spirometry screening is used to detect conditions such as occupational lung disease, occupational asthma, silicosis or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Abnormalities can be detected even when no other signs or symptoms are evident.

Our program aims to monitor the employee’s health over a period of time to determine if lung function has been affected by work-related exposure.

The earlier the intervention, the earlier treatment can be sought, and reviews on work practices can take place, such as appropriate PPEs, training etc. Where the workforce is potentially exposed to known contaminates a health surveillance program will keep work-related respiratory concerns to a minimum. We highly recommend our tailored Respirator Fit Test Screening program to ensure your workers are protected.

What is Spirometry?
Spirometry is a lung function test performed by deeply inhaling and forcefully exhaling into a spirometer. A reading of the ratio between the measurement of lung size (Forced Vital Capacity FVC) and the volume and speed of exhaled air (Forced Expiratory Volume FEV1) is calculated.
Our technician will talk workers through the testing process and answer any questions. The reading will determine normal lung function or if a possible restriction or obstruction exists. After each test, the technician will fully explain the results and provide a Spirometry report for both the worker and employer. Should a restriction or obstruction be detected, the worker will be advised to seek medical advice.

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