Respirator Testing

Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) is a particular type of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) designed to protect the wearer from the inhalation of hazardous substances in the air.

RPE may include filtering facepiece respirators, elastomeric half and full facepiece respirators, right-fitting powered-air purifying respirators, and self-contained breathing apparatus. Every worker’s face varies in shape, size and features so it is unlikely that one particular type of RPE will fit everyone. It is vital that workers utilise the correct RPE for the purpose and that it is properly fitted to ensure an adequate seal between the respirator facepiece and the wearer’s face.

Equally important is proper training and instruction for its’ correct use. A quantitative face fit test by ITA will ensure your worker’s RPE is both comfortable for the wearer and that it is sealed properly against the wearer’s face providing the expected protection. Your workers are more likely to wear the RPE if it fits well, is comfortable and doesn’t affect the field of vision or impair the ability to communicate while wearing the device.

ITA can tailor a Respirator Fit Testing screening program for your workplace. Our team of professionals will assist you by determining the best match between the facepiece and the face of each worker, preventing contaminants from entering a worker’s breathing zone.


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