Workplace Hearing Assessments

Audiometric Screening

Excessive noise in the workplace has become a global occupational health hazard with a considerable impact on productivity. Besides hearing loss, occupational noise is associated with tinnitus, cardiovascular disease, depression and an increased risk of accidents.

Noise-related injuries are most prevalent in the manufacturing and construction industry. To meet Australian Standard AS/NZS 1269.4:2014 an employer of a ‘prescribed workplace’ whereby a worker is exposed to continuous noise over an 8-hour working day must provide Audiometric Testing (hearing test).

These measures mean employers:

  • Identify hearing loss or damage so appropriate action can be taken. 
  • Allow assessment of the workplace so preventative measures such as use of hearing protection can be implemented. 
  • Identify any changes to working patterns and noise exposure or changes related to the ears or hearing. 
  • Ensure those at risk undertake a baseline hearing assessment within 3 months of commencement of employment with comparative tests every two years.


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