About Us

The STELLAR³ team has over 30 years’ experience in the design, development, implementation, and operation of a large range of critical waste treatment operations, primarily focusing on waste-to-energy and renewable energy solutions, and over 200 years’ combined experience in the management of global capacity building projects.


Less than a handful of firms in the world can economically transform waste into low carbon fuels (petroleum, aviation, hydrogen) in large scale continuous processing facilities. STELLAR³ does not rest on its laurels – we continue developing near term technology breakthroughs aligned with our internal technology road mapping. STELLAR³ will design and operate custom and distributed modular facilities that transform waste and create energy, solving local and global sustainability problems. STELLAR³ merges visionary circular-engineering with cutting edge “what is possible” capacity building. STELLAR³ Edu is poised to train and empower the next generation of sustainability leaders and advocates globally, 800,000 annually by 2030.

Our Team

George Weiss

George is an accomplished venture capital entrepreneur, board member, attorney and management advisor with forty plus years of senior management and investing experience. He is the founder and CEO of Beechtree Capital LLC, a highly successful thirty plus year old private investment firm operating in New York, Silicon Valley and Arizona.

Dan Nienhauser

​Dan Nienhauser has extensive leadership, business development, operations, finance, project, startup, and capacity building experience. Dan was the founding Executive Director Finance & Admin at The Earth Institute at Columbia University, founding Board Member of the Arizona Collaboratory, and co-founder of NW Direct in New York, a design and ideation firm.

Donald Vinnicombe

Due to his lateral vision and diverse knowledge base, over 35 years, Donald Vinnicombe has been involved with diverse and interconnected projects for the economic, social and ecological improvements. He has always been focused on the future, sustainable, and environmental developments in the water, waste and energy sectors.

Vic Faroldi

Vic is a serial entrepreneur who has, through the course of his career, focused his main efforts within the field of energy optimization and associated technologies. In his early career, Vic and his partner started TDM Surveillance Systems. In 2000 Vic developed an electromagnetic scale inhibiting technology as a substitute for standard chemical treatment in cooling towers and boilers. In 2007 Vic established the Solar Hot Water division for Geyser Allied Products, one of the four largest South-African manufacturers of domestic hot water storage vessels. This experience led to Mr. Faroldi establishing CFM Technologies in 2009, the company specialized in energy optimization technologies, providing different heating solutions through solar hot water, heat pumps, biomass boilers, and gas boilers. A major focus of CFM optimization drive was the use of gasification technology for the conversion of waste farm products into electricity and heat. This work, in the field of gasification, was conducted jointly with Benefici8.

Bertie Steytler

​Bertie combines a strong engineering background with extensive operating experience. He was a co-founder of Prodromos Technologies and with his partners has for the last 10 years continued providing companies and government entities around the world with project development services including technology and economic viability assessments of potential projects. He has significant experience in a variety of technologies, including waste to energy, desalinization, water and wastewater treatment, metal beneficiation and hydrocarbon processing technologies.

Oliver Ernst


​Olivier is a young business professional and entrepreneur with over 5 years of senior experience in project management, finance, IT (C# and JAVA), and financial markets. skills accumulated through his service at several startups, private, and public companies within the automotive, manufacturing, hospitality, and IT sectors.

Olivier started both his educational and professional career in Belgium with a Bachelor’s degree in International Business Management, including foreign work/study experience in Belgium, China, Russia, and the USA. He then completed his education by acquiring an MBA with a major in Finance and IT at BGSU, each time graduating top of his class.

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